Mock trials

£3,000.00* Price is per group unless stated


The defence of regulatory prosecutions is notoriously tough. With many offences subject either to strict liability or a reverse burden of proof, the Crown overwhelmingly achieves a conviction.

However, a mock trial gives you the opportunity to put your daily practices to the test with a view to spotting compliance gaps and avoiding a prosecution in the first place. How would your processes withstand forensic analysis by the regulator? How would your systems and people fare under cross examination? This is the chance to find out with the benefit of the safety net of our theoretical mock trial scenario.

In consultation with you, we will devise a mock trial scenario that is industry specific and features an offence of your choosing. Offences under the law relating to health and safety, the environment, food safety, fire safety and trading standards can be selected.


  • The road map to trial – how do you get there?
  • The criminal Court system, including the Magistrates’ Court and trial by jury
  • The parties to the case – who’s who?
  • Trial chronology – who presents what and when?
  • The role of witnesses and experts
  • The role of the Judge and summing up
  • Verdicts and sentencing
  • Publicity


Who should attend?

This course is aimed at all those who may be involved in preparing for, attending and providing instructions in relation to a trial process including:-

  • Directors and managers (particularly those with responsibilities for regulatory matters)
  • Risk management professionals
  • SHE Managers
  • HR professionals
  • In-house lawyers
  • Operational managers and supervisors


Available Dates:
Flexible - See calendar for availability.

Duration: Full Day

Location: Client Site

Speakers Include:
Bill Dunkerley
Rhian Greaves
Tristan Meears-White

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