Retail: What to do when an Inspector calls

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No retailer welcomes or encourages regulatory investigation into their day to day activities. However such interventions do occur and can relate to any aspect of an organisation’s business, including:

  • health and safety of employees, customers, visitors and contractors;
  • fire safety;
  • trading and advertising standards;
  • control of substances hazardous to health;
  • anti-bribery legislation;
  • food safety and food hygiene;
  • statutory nuisance; and
  • planning and building control.

Navigating the maze of obligations and responsibilities, and responding to an Inspector’s enquiries, are time and resource consuming tasks, and are made more difficult by the existence of multiple regulators, each with their own inspection regime and enforcement powers.

It is imperative that those working on the shop floor respond appropriately to regulatory intervention when it does occur and manage both their response and the provision of information appropriately. Discussions with regulators during the early stages of an intervention can have a significant impact on the course of an investigation, including ultimately whether and what form of enforcement action is pursued.

This course is intended to provide practical advice and guidance to shop floor employees and store managers in relation to the steps they can take to prepare themselves for regulatory investigation, as well as assistance with crisis management when responding to an inspector’s enquiries.



  • Overview of key legal obligations;
  • Incident response:
    • Who regulates and investigates;
    • The powers of the regulators – handling the authorities face to face;
    • The investigatory process;
    • Enforcement; and
  • Preparation for regulatory investigation.


Who should attend?

This course is of general application to all retailers but is likely to be of specific interest to those who may be asked to provide an initial response and information to a regulator. Whilst the course can be tailored to specific requirements, depending on the nature of the business and areas of regulation, it will be of most relevance to those who will be involved in crisis response actions. As such it is likely to appeal to:

  • Regional, Area and Store Managers;
  • Shop floor employees;
  • Health, safety and environmental professionals;
  • HR Managers.


Available Dates:

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Location: Client Site

Speakers Include:
Bill Dunkerley
Rhian Greaves

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